CounterFlo Ministries welcomes you to our web site!  We hope it challenges you to go with the flow of God's Spirit even when it means swimming in the opposite direction from everyone else.  God's Word is the most important aspect of our lives whether we are speaking it, singing it, writing about it or living it.  New life in Christ Jesus is a wonderful start, but we need to keep growing in that life just as we grow in the natural.  It is our prayer that we can aid fellow believers in their walk with the Lord as we continue to "hold forth the word of life; that [we] may rejoice in the day of Christ, that [we] have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain."  Feel free to look around, listen to broadcasts, catch a devotion for the day or listen to music.  You can read our monthly newsletter, Selah, or check out our CD, Rhythms of the Heart.  
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God's Order


See what people are saying about God's Order:


“Destiny is a buzzword of the modern church.  However, realizing destiny in one’s life is the result of making the right decisions at critical junctures in life.  Making right decisions is based upon following the right principles, so fulfillment of destiny results from knowing the principles that will help you make the right choices.  In her book God’s Order, Patti Hedgepath Lusk has rendered a service to all who are pursuing their destiny by outlining many life-altering principles in a way that is easily understood and easily applied.”


Dr. Ronald Carpenter, Sr., Former Bishop

International Pentecostal Holiness Church


“A refreshing guidebook to the rediscovery of God’s order.  Patti Hedgepath Lusk charts the course for the successful navigation of the maze of twenty-first century living.  A must-read for all who desire to understand God plan for our life and our world.”


Dr. John R. Benson, Pastor Emeritus

Shady Grove Baptist Church